HFS-1310 Hyjet Float Switch NRB 10m Cable

HFS-1320 Hyjet Float Switch NRB 20m Cable

Download HFS Series Brochure.pdf

The HFS Series Hyjet Float Switch, which utilises an innovative, yet simple, foolproof switching concept, has greatly enhanced Float Switch reliability. The positive micro switching eliminates the possibility of more than one circuit being in operation at any one time. The design innovation of the switch is the ‘sliding detent’ action which obviates wave-induced oscillation (common in mercury-type switches) while maintaining consistency in switching level accuracy. The smooth, robust ABS switch housing on the HFS model prevents adhesion of foreign materials.


  • Secure cable at appropriate height to ensure desired switch levels are achieved.
  • The differential between switching On/Off or Off/On can be adjusted by moving the cable weight relative to the Float Switch. The further the weight is situated from the Float Switch the greater the ‘switching differential’.Set up to suit the particular application.


Liquid Temperature Min 0oC (32oF)
Liquid Density Max 60oC (140oF)
Protection Min .65g/cm2
Working Pressure Max 1.5g/cm2
Switching Speed IP68 @ 20m (65ft)
Contact Life .35MPa
Contact Type 600/min
Switching Angle 10 million switches
Max Voltage Microswitch with NO and NC contacts
Max Current 20o (from horizontal)
Cable Material 240Vac
Cable Size 10 Amp
Housing Material Neoprene Rubber H07RN-F
Chemical Resistance ø 10mm/3 x 1.0mm2
ABS - Acrylonine Butadiene Styrene
Acid - Good
Alkaline - Good
Petrol - Good