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HYJET Pumps are renowned for superior quality and value. HYJET offers a large range of water supply pumps and submersible pumps for the residential and commercial market which are also incorporated into packaged pump sets for many applications.

HYJET pumps are manufactured in Asia and Europe using the latest technology and made to the highest standard to suit the Australian pumping demands for over 12 years.


Hyjet HSJ series

The Hyjet HSJ Series are horizontal, stainless steel self–priming jet pumps, ideal for pumping clear water and other non–aggressive liquids.

Hyjet HSJ series

Hyjet HW series

HYJETS new generation of drainage and wastewater submersible pumps are developed with the highest quality and professional technology.
The HW Series are available in a variety of non-clogging impeller designs to meet any drainage and wastewater application.

Hyjet HSJ series

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