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Zenox Pumps specialises in a range of submersible pumps that are dependable, innovative in design, quality construction and excellent value. The Zenox submersibles are design for drainage, wastewater and sewage cutting / grinding applications. Zenox Pumps are continually being evaluated and enhanced and our experienced research team is constantly working with engineers from around the world to keep up with our ever-progressing market.


Zenox ZSS series

• Heavy duty submersible drainage pumps for pumping drainage and stormwater
• High efficiency pump design
• Suited to industrial and municipal applications
• Ideal for stormwater pump stations and contractor dewatering

Hyjet HSJ series

Zenox ZSG series

• Heavy duty grinder pumps for pumping sewage
• Hardened cutters for maximum grinding action
• Suited to industrial, commercial and residential applications

Hyjet HSJ series

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