• The MaxiSAVE RM1000 is an automatic Rainwater Changeover Controller. With unique electronic features, the MaxiSAVE RM1000 is the smartest unit available.
  • The MaxiSAVE RM1000 allows tank water to be used for water supply in preference to mains water. The RM1000 will automatically switch to mains water in the event of power failure or low tank water level.
  • The MaxiSAVE RM1000 allows for high flow water demands, due to negligible restriction on the pump supply; making it ideal for irrigation and larger home applications.
  • The MaxiSAVE RM1000 is designed to save water and reduce water expenses. It may also entitle you to claim a rebate when installed by a licensed plumber.
  • The MaxiSAVE RM1000 is energy efficient using less than 100mA, thanks to the unique electronics and specially designed control valve.


  • Heavy duty unit for Commercial and Domestic applications.
  • LED light indication – Mains Water in use (Red Light) – Tank Water in use (Green Light).
  • System test button – Provides a change of system status
  • Ease of installation;
  • – External mounting brackets on the controller.
    – All connections are in one common location for neat and tidy installation.
    – Plug in low voltage float switch, valve & pump connections (no electrician required).
  • MaxiSAVE RM1000 is Watermarked Approved – ATS 5200.477 LIC WMKA22118
  • MaxiSAVE RM1000 uses approved electrical components – No. N17601


Model Description
RM1000 MaxiSAVE Rain / Mains Controller Kit Only
– Electronic Quick Plug Controller
– Valve Assembly for Pump / Mains / Outlet Connections
– 10m Quick Plug 24v Float Switch
– 20mm Gland for Float Switch
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