MTA20 Top of Tank Assembly


Download MTA20 Brochure.pdf

The MaxiSAVE Valve is a fully automatic mechanical rainwater/mains changeover device designed for submersible pressure pump system for harvesting rainwater for the toilet, laundry and household applications with automatic mains water backup.


Max Mains Pressure: 500 KPa recommended
Max Pump Pressure: 600 KPa
Min Pump Pressure: 300 KPa recommended
Max Flow Rate: 50 LPM
Max Water Temperature: 40° C
Min Water Temperature: 0° C*
Pump Inlet: 25mm 1" BSP F
Mains Water Inlet: 20mm 3/4” BSP
Outlet: 20mm 3/4” BSP



MaxiSAVE MTA20 Rain / Mains Tank Assembly with HYJET HSM750-PC Multistage Submersible Pump

kW – 0.75
Max Flow – 115 L/min
Max Head – 36m
Single & double storey home – 4-6 outlets


MaxiSAVE MTA20 Hydraulic Rain / Mains Tank Assembly with PEDROLLO TOP-MULTI TECH 2 Submersible Pump – 4 Taps

kW – 0.55
Max Flow – 80 L/min
Max Head – 42m
Pump made in Italy
Single & double storey home – 4-6 outlets