Emergency KIT for emptying or preventing floods


Download PLUG & DRAIN Brochure.pdf

PLUG & DRAIN is the indispensable and practical emergency kit for tackling flooding in garages, cellars and basements with efficacy and speed.

Thanks to the versatile drainage pump and the 15 metres long PVC hose it is possible to swiftly drain the flooded area, if necessary using the plastic crate as a filter.

With PLUG & DRAIN you can completely drain the area affected by flooding: the pump can in fact suck up water down to a level of only 2mm from the bottom.

With PLUG & DRAIN you have everything you require ready for use:

-pump with a ready-fitted connector, a 10 metre long power cable with Schuko plug and an external float switch;

-PVC hose with a rapid connector;

-Crate-filter to prevent possible bulky residues blocking water drainage.


In the case of flooded premises place PLUG & DRAIN on the floor, attach the flat hose to the pump by means of the rapid connector, plug into the electricity network and empty the water through the hose. The plastic crate will act as a filter, making it possible to drain down to a level of about 2cm from the bottom.

In order to drain the residual water disconnect the pump from the crate and place it on the floor. The pump will be able to drain down to a level of only 2mm from the bottom.

PLUG & DRAIN also has the advantage that it can be stored on a shelf so as to have everything necessary in order and ready for use.