SOLOLIFT2 is a unique range of compact macerators, enabling drainage of any domestic sanitary appliance without worrying about the location of the existing gravity drain system. Whether it is an extra toilet in the attic or a new bathroom below sewer level in the

basement SOLOLIFT2 will efficiently dispose of the wastewater. And provide maximum protection against backflow from sewer systems.

The SOLOLIFT2 range comprises five compact macerators, all designed to collect and pump wastewater from the sanitary appliance to the nearest downpipe through a thin pressure pipe.

Download Sololift2 Range Brochure.pdf


Robustness and operational reliability

  • Powerful motors with strong starting torque for the professional cutter (WC-1,-3 and CWC-3)
  • Hot water resistant components up to 90°C for 30 minutes (C-3)
  • Pressure tight tanks withstanding up to a 2.5m water column
  • Accessories for outstanding safety like add-on alarm devices

Easy installation and replacement

  • Adjustable discharge 360° rotation and for horizontal or vertical assembly
  • Flexible discharge connection with 6 different pipe diameters to connect
  • Flexible inlet connection and 4 different diameters to connect
  • Adjustable start level according to the application (C-3)
  • Including non-return valve – ready to install

Maintenance and service friendly

  • The removable and dry compact pump – motor unit
  • Dry and clean access to the level switch unit
  • Separate drain function of the tank
  • Anti-blocking function by a screwdriver without opening the unit
  • In case of service, the unit can stay in place


  • Extra bathrooms even away from drainage stack (e.g. attics)
  • Backwater protection of sanitary appliances when placed below sewer level
  • Added restroom and wellness facilities in guest houses and holiday cottages
  • Office and building renovation